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The use of coaching as a way of assisting clients bring about change has become increasingly popular.

Why Choose Coaching?

Coaching embodies the idea that we are made for change, growth, learning, and ongoing development. Combining coaching with the developmental advantages of NLP provides individuals with the opportunity to change.

How is Coaching different?

Coaching focuses the client on how to think better, feel better, attain higher levels of health, well-being, focus, alertness and relaxation. Rather than solving problems or dealing with difficulties, coaching operates from what I call the Coaching Focus:

  • How can I make things better
  • How can I become even more resourceful and effective?
  • What is my next step in my ongoing development for greater effectiveness?

How can Coaching help you?

Clients often ask how coaching can help them accomplish their goals in Life and Business. Below you will find a simple list outlining what you can expect from an accomplished coach:

  • Demonstrate empathy and build rapport
  • Promote and facilitate excellence
  • Inspire curiosity to open up new horizons
  • Encourage self-discovery
  • Act as a role model
  • Be non-judgemental
  • Posses a sense of humour and use appropriately
  • Value diversity and difference
  • Show tact and diplomacy
  • Maintain trust and confidentiality
  • Signpost client to other sources of support
  • Seek opportunities to build client’s confidence and self esteem
  • Critically evaluate own practice
  • Engage in continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Share learning with clients and peers and wider coaching community

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